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Don’t let our prices fool you - we do not produce “cheap granite headstones.” Your finished headstone will be professionally designed and carved, incorporating the text and graphics you select, on a gorgeous piece of natural granite. Please accept our personal assurance that, despite our discount prices, your finished piece will be of the superior quality you expect. Are you ready to begin?

Grave markers can be referred to as headstones, markers, memorials, tombstones, slanted markers, flush markers, beveled (small slant) markers and monuments. All of these terms are synonymous in general use. At Calvary Cemetery and Mausoleum, our memorial markers and monuments are all made of solid granite, the preferred marker material.

For centuries, granite has been the material of choice for headstones, memorial markers and monuments. With its enduring beauty, granite is the ideal medium to communicate a personal message of remembrance for generations to come. As well, the uniqueness of each granite formation reminds us of the rare and special contributions our loved ones have made to our world.

Today you and your family will be selecting a granite memorial marker or monument for someone dear to you. Rest assured, you are making the right selection. A grave marker that lasts forever is as special and relevant as the memories you hold in your heart.

The best proof of our superior service and value is in the work we have done for so many people in this area.

Below you will find examples of Monuments designed by Blast Craft Service, Inc. Keep in mind we have thousands of designs to choose from or come in and customize your own design. Don't forget to check our Monument Sales Page.


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Also have your headstone professionally designed and carved:

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